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Woden Flooring prides ourselves to provide high-quality flooring products and best service with our clients. Woden Flooring carefully ensures all out products meet the best available standards. You deserve better. We are always willing to go the extra mile to earn your trust and business.

Why Choose Us

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Extended Warranty

​We offer 30 years extended warranty to all of our customer.

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Eco Friendly

Our products will not harm you or the environment, our products are environmental friendly.

Verified Company

We hold an active membership with the National Wood Flooring Association.

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Quality Supplier

Woden flooring can ensure all our clients receive high -quality products that will last for years.

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Membership and Certification

The NWFA’s Certified Professional program was developed to recognize and promote the competence of wood flooring professionals throughout the industry. 

FloorScore® is a voluntary, independent certification program that tests and certifies hard surface flooring and associated products for compliance with criteria adopted in California for indoor air emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) with potential health effects.

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Our Promise

 Woden Flooring's ​high quality engineered hardwood Flooring and vinyl will add beauty, sophistication, and durability to your space. Our commitment to both our product excellence and customer satisfaction makes us the ideal candidate for all your home needs. Browse our site and get to know us better!

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